Friday, April 25, 2008

Crazy for Cupcakes

If you didn't know I'm CRAZY about cupcakes. Any little individual serving of any dessert, but cupcakes are my fav.I love looking up pictures of cupcakes on blogspot. I never knew there was so many. Well I found this and immediantly thought.."hey!that looks like LOST", and guess what...It is! Aren't they just too cute.

We leave Thursday for the cruise. I am excited, but more excited about school being over!!!And vanilla!!!Vanilla you ask?!?!?! Yes, Mexico has this great vanilla. When Momma and Sister went on their cruise they brought home some vanilla.Cheap too!!!So I am so stockin' up!!!! When we get back I am making cupcakes for a birthday. I'll take some pictures and let you be my critics!!LOL!!No seriously I want you to tell me what you REALLY think. I am thinking about doing a blog about my fascination and different finds of cupcakes!But as you know I'm not that good at keeping it up so we'll see. Love you All!!

Here are some of my fav. cupcakes sites and blogs:

Cupcakes Take The Cake
Cupcake, My Love
Vanilla Bake Shop

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cruisin' in 2 Weeks!!!

Last night was our First Place meeting, and good news has arrived!!!!I lost 6 pounds!!It had to be because of Miss Denise. Thank you for kicking my butt!! A good while before First Place was over last time I completely quit exercising. I know....shame, shame. But I have started back and I feel much better.

According to my Myspace countdown we have 14 days, 14 hours, 30 min, and 40 sec. until we leave for our cruise!LOL!!I am so excited. I am really more excited about school being over.PRAISE THE LORD!!!! I have a lot of work to do in these next two weeks. Please pray that I will get myself together and get everything done.I know I haven't said a lot, but I've GOT to get some work done. Love you all!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Denise Austin Kicked My Butt!!!!!

I called J this afternoon to see if I could use one of her workout videos.(she finds all the bargains at McKay's LOL!!!!) One that particularly focuses on the tummy. For as long as I can remember I've had a little "spare tire" goin' on. Anyways, I went by J's and picked up Denise Austin's Super Stomachs. Oh my goodness!!! I thought I may actually die. I put it in and rewinded it (VHS from 1993!LOL!!!)At first I was so pumped, but that quickly faded. I was going pretty good at first, fairly strong and then I heard those words no one ever wants to hear......"Okay!Now that we're done with our stretches lets get started with out workout!"

What!!!That was just the stretches!!!!

I am so out of shape that the stretches wore me out!!!How sad is that!?!? This is one of those workout videos that you want to do alone. I was constantly looking at the door praying my sister didn't walk in!She would NEVER let me live down how ridiculous I looked!!!Especially at first when you don't know what's going to happen so your a step behind the whole time!!!LOL!!!

Well, I am going to TRY to do this everyday....depends if I can get out of the bed in the morning. We leave on our cruise in about 2 1/2 weeks so I need to work really hard to try to lose as much as possible in that time. I am going to relax a while and watch a little Home Improvement. I love me some Nick at Nite!!

Now, watch this video and you will see what I mean about looking ridiculous.LOL!!!(This is really the one I did!)