Monday, January 19, 2009

I guess I would have to make fun.....

I try to be open minded about the different ways people dress and wear their hair, but I have to say, I you ever wear your hair like this I guess I would just let it go and make fun. I made one big so you could see the detail on these things.

I am looking for a new haircut, and was searching for some on google images. To say the least when I ran by one of these pics. I had to click on it. I am oddly fascinated by this and at the same time rollin' in the floor. Is this even possible? Some comments on the website I got them from said "oh, it's gotta be a wig!" Even if it was somebody had to get them like that. What a style. I think it's official, the elephant style is for me! I think it will really show me as a true Bama fan!LOL.

I was at Carrie's blog and saw she was doing a give away. That's sounds so fun! I've got to get with it. Hope you all have a great day. Love you all.

Friday, January 16, 2009

House Cake

Hey, I don't have much time. I should be ironing my shirt for work but I'd rather do this. Ok time for the big reveal.......(I'm such a dork)

This is the cake Cina wanted for Adam's sup rise party. HOUSE MD.
Adam (like the rest of the family) is addicted to HOUSE! It's probably one of the best shows ever!! Anyway, I talked to Cina this morning and she said it went very well. He was very surprised. If you want to ball go read her happy birthday post!!

Love you all!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday.....Chelsea????

I have a lot to show you today!!Picture wise.

I have no clue who Chelsea is that turned seven this week, but happy birthday to you. This is the first cake I got to decorate at work. I finished up at work early and ask what I should do next, and "do you want to decorate a cake?" came out of her mouth. I was so excited. Trying to hide it, I casually walked over to the table and picked a cake. I picked the Sponge Bob Cake. I thought I might have some advantage because I used to draw Sponge Bob all the time. I will not let you in on how long it took me to finish this cake, but it was a while. I had never done a cake like this before. There is no icing it, it is all done with a bag. You out line it and then fill it in. What I didn't know is that when you fill it in it tends to cover up the outline. So after that is done you have to go back over the outline. If I new that before I wouldn't have spent so much time on the first go around. That might have shaved some serious time off that cake.

We have a door-bell type thing on the door so when someone comes in up front, we can hear it in the back. Therefore when we go up front we don't know who will be at the other end. When the Sponge Bob cake was picked up, I was the one to check him out. When he told me his name, I cringed. I didn't want to be there when they picked it up.But he liked it so I was happy.

Next,(i feel like I'm writing a paper, using the correct openers for my are cupcakes for a certain little 5 year old I refer to as "Z". Me and her mom made these cupcakes for her to take to Pre-School.

And last but not least....The Alabama Cake. I was excited about doing this one because it makes up for that Auburn cake. LOL. I went to Huntsville Sat. and met my Ider Sunday School class for our Christmas party. It was also close to time for Adam and our teacher, Clay's birthday. My sister hit me up with a cake order that I was very happy to fill.....

I don't know why it's turned like this ....sorry.
I have another I would like to show you , but it will be a while. Keep it on the down