Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thankful for Cake. I love it!

Hey! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with your family. We did. I ate three different Thanksgiving meals that day and I am still feeling a little full, but it was worth it. I made a few cakes this week, hope you like them.

KK's Birthday Cake

Britt's Auburn Cake

And I can't leave without a BIG ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Wedding Bells

Tomorrow, my sister will be a married woman. I sound like her mother, but time flies. I can't believe my big sister is getting married. I am very proud of them both. They are two very special people, and I can't wait to say my brother-in-law. I guess all of you know that they are not having a wedding, but just the two of them are going to get married and we are having a reception a few weeks after they get back.

Mom put together a basket of food for them to take to keep in their cabin so they wouldn't have to go buy everything. I don't have a picture of it i forgot to take one. Believe it or not this was not my idea......Mom asked if I would like to make them a small cake for them to take with them. That way they could have some cake on their wedding day. Of course I said yes!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wanna feel a little to a 10 year old!

Last night I was watching Aladdin on the family channel for the countdown to the 25 days of Christmas. Which in my opinion is a little stupid. It's a countdown to a countdown, but ...... Please no ridicule about watching Aladdin, I love movies like that and any type of plays.Love musicals. (One day when I have a real job I am saving for a trip to New York to see a Broadway play, but by that time gas may be $10...we'll see.) Thank you KK for taking me to see Anne at Northeast when I was younger, you started something.LOL.Anyway back to my point. While I was watching this my little brother comes in and says "what are you watching?" At the time I didn't think anything of it. I simply said Aladdin, but it hit me when he said "What's Aladdin?"

WHAT'S ALADDIN? Who doesn't know who Aladdin is? He's only 10, but I thought for sure he had seen Aladdin!!!! Mom said..."Well Manda it probably came out the year he was born." Yeah ok i give him that, but I looked it up and It came out 6 years before he was born! I know that I am in no way old, but for a moment last night i was feeling a little aged. He also has not seen the Little Mermaid, and that would be because it came out a decade before he was So if you want to feel a little old, go talk to a 10 year old.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'd make a great rich woman!

Today me and mom went to Columbia so she could find something to wear for Cina's reception. I found something to wear Saturday. So, I technically didn't have to go but I wanted to shop too. DUH!!! I have come to the conclusion that I would be an awesome rich woman!!! I LOVE to shop! I am always looking for a deal, and if you know me well enough you know I'm not buying it unless it's on sale. This, being time for Christmas shopping, is not the time to be buying for yourself, but I did it anyway. I got two pair of shoes for $22. Of course they will probably kill my feet, but they were on I can't make myself pay $60 for one pair of shoes that I can only wear with a few things. So thanks to some tape, my nightstand, and a white pillow case...Here they are.......

I call these my "wanna be a rockstar" shoes!

These are my houndstooth flats! Roll Tide! (Had to throw that in)

Here is my dress for the wedding.

I take that back, it's not exact, but very similar. I didn't want black for a wedding, but it was either that or bright bright red, and I didn't want to shine.
I was going to put my shoes on here, but my computers being funny. Have a great day. Love you all.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Leg Pains and Cakes

I was reading blogs and remembered "hey, it's been a while writing on my own!" So... First I would like to tell a quick version of what happen yesterday. Mom and Eric were gone to Ider this weekend to help Cina paint and trying to get the house in organized order before they get married. Anyway, they got back yesterday and called me to come help them unload some extra furniture from Cina's at Eric's moms. I was walking around the outside of the trailer, not really paying attention to where I was stepping and BAM!!!! I hit my shin on the light sticking out on the side. Dadgum !!!!!(is that a word?) I used to say that a paper cut was the worst pain, but I take that back. It's a tap to the shin by a light on a trailer that by the way doesn't even work. I have heard Judith say that If you can't say it in the pulpit, don't say it on your blog. Well, the next part is not appropriate for the pulpit, but I apologize to anyone in the neighborhood who heard the dirty word that leaked out of my mouth. I made it out ok, just a bruise and knot. I feels much better this morning, not so much of a throb.

I have a few cakes coming up in the next couple of weeks. Can't wait to share. Britt's Auburn cake is the week of Thanksgiving, so I will put pictures up. I know, It's Auburn, but that's what she wanted!!!!Bless her heart!!!LOL. I am actually really excited. I have never done anything quite like this before.

Oh...I almost forgot! There is a lady a few towns over that is selling all of her cake pans!!!!WOOHOO!! She is selling them for $5!!!! And candy molds for 50 cents!!!I can't wait. I am going to her house to look at them today at 2. Most of them are character pans like....trucks, hearts. cartoon character...stuff like that. You never know when someone might want a cartoon cake!! Well, I have been up forever and haven't eaten. My stomach is needing some attention. Have a great day.

Love you all!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The New Look

This is the new look for my blog...for now. As you see the name is changed but it is still

I want to change that part, but don't know how and am way to tired to try to figure it out right now. It's 10:50 PM, and I am pooped! Wow 10:50 PM! I'm such a party animal. LOL. Hope you all have a great day....night...whatever.

Love you all.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What do you know.....

I found something else to say. lol. Go listen to the song Glorious One. It's my favorite. I just love it. It reminds me of how awesome God is. Love you all.


Election 2008

I have nothing to say, but Lisa puts it nicely.Check it out.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Just What's on My Mind.

Until I moved I had never had a Sundrop. I had heard of it, but never drank one. You can't buy them in Alabama, that I know of. That is the town favorite! It's such a big deal, the youth room at church has a Sundrop Machine! The other night between scenes at Judgement House the subject came up and no one could believe that I had never had a beloved Sundrop until I had one at work.(My boss is obsessed with them too.) I don't think their that good. They are really sugary, but their OK. I guess it's just an acquired taste. Anyway, that was pointless, but on my mind.

I made another cake...go figure. I had made some cupcakes to take to church Saturday, and with the leftover batter made Z (Tonja's grand -daughter) a small cake.

Speaking of her, she is just adorable. She was at sisters shower yesterday, and I was taking her to the bathroom when I mentioned the Pumpkin contest. Her pre-school was having a pumpkin carving contest and she won, or as she said. "No, Manda, I didn't win...It was best over all!" I guess that's better than She wanted to make it Cinderella's carriage, so with some help from Nana they made it happen. It is so cute.

Well,that's all for today. I need to do some homework. Love you all.