Saturday, February 28, 2009

Painful Art

Hey!Hey! I've been working on an art project for my art history class, and it has turned out to be quite dangerous. It shouldn't be but it is!! It's called Japanese wood block print. You draw your design or whatever you choose and transfer it over to a piece of wood. You then carve out around the picture. After that's done you put ink on the pic. (raised part) and put paper back over it to make a print!!!!Oh my gah.....I am now so appreciative of technology.I am only doing one color. You have to repeat most of this process for every color!I've seen some before,and when I saw it I was what a pretty painting....not knowing that it wasn't a painting or how much work was put into it.

Warning: Carving tools may will be sharp!!!

Ya'll, I have cut my myself 3 times!! The first two were not bad, just minor injuries,but the third one was deep and painful! I was carving away and my hand got in the way. I do admit my pain took control over my language and caused me to say a few dirty words. I said..."Hey I'm bleeding everywhere, looking for some help and momma just walks by. She walked back in and said.."Oh gah, you ARE bleeding everywhere!"
Did she think I was lying???
Well, I'm on the road to recovery. I should be ok with plenty of clear liquids and some pain medicine. lol. Since I've been watching HOUSE, my medical knowledge has just become incredible. Really, you wouldn't believe it.
Next is my pepto story, but that's for another day.

Oh! I forgot! Cina's birthday was this passed week,and I figured thas since her husband got two cakes, she should at least get one!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I haven't written in forever. School has been crazy busy and life is a little crazy in general.I have had a few cakes lately.

I do have a quick story. We had a little scare with Nala (our dog) yesterday. She's fine now, but she had me worried. I let her out to go the the bathroom yesterday and a little while later someone knocks on the door. I answer it and she says..."is this your dog???" I look out and Nala is in the middle of the road. The lady ran over her leg. First off Nala never gets in the road...well i guess she does, but not usually. I ran out there and get her out of the road, i finally get her fat butt in the house and behind the chair. We get her to the vet later that evening and it's not broken...more like just strained he said. So she's doing fine, just a limp. Oh and I almost forgot. She just had a birthday. Feb. 11th she turned 14!!!She can get her learners permit next year!LOL!!