Friday, May 29, 2009

My Etsy Gift Tags

I made some gift tags to put up on Etsy, the coolest crafty website ever!!! I wanted to see how it would work, we'll see!!! Here some pics. The link to my shop is on the left hand side. Have a good day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I got my workout this morning...not on purpose, but I had a great arm strengthening exercises trying to start the weeed eater. In my defence I have never done this before. I always mowed and daddy always handled that. He wouldn't let me because he said it would mess up my pretty legs!Aww How sweet..I know. I mowed yesterday and decided this morning I would go out and get it done, but I can't start the freakin' thing!!!!!! I did everything I've seen done since Ive never tried before and apparently my week little arms don't have the power it takes.I was in the garage for about thirty min. trying to start it, but it wouldn't budge. I almost pulled a Marty a few times a thought about how far i could throw i kept my composure. I am really weak compared to my dad and have seen him fight with it a many times. So that plan is shot for the day. I do have some washing to do because we are leaving for the beach tomorrow!!WootWoot! I'm so excited, though it is scheduled to rain everyday we are there. If it rains all day, i might cry, but i just want one good day out on the beach!!!!!

Tip: if you are looking for some bathing suits, OLD NAVY had/has them on sale for $13 dollar a piece!!! I great, and if your a one piecer like me you really get a great deal.

Hope you have a great day and if you need to strengthen those arms...try to start a weedeater, it's like the workout that never ends!