Saturday, February 14, 2009


I haven't written in forever. School has been crazy busy and life is a little crazy in general.I have had a few cakes lately.

I do have a quick story. We had a little scare with Nala (our dog) yesterday. She's fine now, but she had me worried. I let her out to go the the bathroom yesterday and a little while later someone knocks on the door. I answer it and she says..."is this your dog???" I look out and Nala is in the middle of the road. The lady ran over her leg. First off Nala never gets in the road...well i guess she does, but not usually. I ran out there and get her out of the road, i finally get her fat butt in the house and behind the chair. We get her to the vet later that evening and it's not broken...more like just strained he said. So she's doing fine, just a limp. Oh and I almost forgot. She just had a birthday. Feb. 11th she turned 14!!!She can get her learners permit next year!LOL!!


Nichele Lynn said...

LOVE the cakes. SOO cute. Good to hear she is ok!!

Leigh Anne said...

Thank goodness our baby is ok. You did a good job taking care of her. Love you!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I'm so glad Nala is okay.!!

And you have some mad decorating skillz...I'm so proud of you! :)