Monday, March 9, 2009

Spreading the Gospel...One Mistake Phone call at a time!

Yesterday I heard my phone ring as I was putting some towels in the dryer. I ran up the stairs of the garage to answer and it was my sister. Keep in mind our church here starts at ten so I am home about the time church in Ider gets started. I didn't think of that at the time. I answered...."Hello..Hello....HELLO!!" No answer, but I could hear something in the background that was becoming more clear. It was Luke preaching! It was pretty clear so I kept listening. I finally put it on speaker phone and set it down on the counter while I grilled some chicken, and listened for about 20 min.! The best part was when I called Cina after church. I told her what happened. She said..." I kept hearing something, and I just thought it was the girl beside me. I thought her stomach was growling....I guess it was my chicken grilling or the ice maker!lol.
We have now found a new way to spread the gospel!LOL
I should do this ever week, I felt so at home over the phone!


judith said...

Only from you two. And the teacher was alive and well in her yesterday as she was smacking youth on the back of the head. I loved it. I thought "I trained her well" She could have been mine at that moment

Britt said...

I love it! You are going this weekend, right?!

Christi said...

Hi Amanda!

I super excited that I found you on here. I didn't get a chance to talk to many people this weekend. Mainly because in real life I'm like a grandma. I have to have my sleep and when I get tired I just go to bed. Factor that in with it taking me about 3 hours to wake up good and I'm pretty useless.

do you decorate all these cakes?

~JeNniFer~ said...

Congratulations, you are the recipient of the One Lovely Blog Award. Please check out my post at
God bless,