Monday, June 29, 2009

I pretty much owe First Place my Life!

I was looking at pictures on myspace today and saw these photos.OMG I have never put my old and new pictures by each other. I am forever in debt to first place. Unless of course I gain it back then they owe me.LOL. But i plan on that never happening. Here lately I'm really not sure how I've kept it off. I little more often then I would like to admit...i eat cake at work,and cookies,ice cream..... It's just so good and sugary! I will go through spells where I don't want it and I don't want icing, but i acquire the taste once again.Soon! Doing First Place must of just uped my metabolism. Throughout the entire five years I played volleyball I never lost weight. I ate like a horse, but I worked out, and exercised and it did nothing!Too, not too long ago I found out that my thyroid was low, and I believe that makes you gain too. So that medicine has played a part in keeping it off. I was going to ask everyone to burn any fat pictures they have of me,and too take them of your myspace, but I changed my mind, the more I look at them, the more I want to exercise!So keep them up, their good incentive. Hope you have a great day! Also thank you Lisa for sending my Stein Mart cake to BooMama! And thank you BooMama for putting a link of it on your site! LOTS of people saw it!!!!Thank you!!


Britt said...

Manda, you have always been a beautiful person regardless of your weight... but I am so very proud of you for doing first place and staying healthy. I know Mom really enjoyed having you during that time in her life as well. I love you girl!

Carrie said...

Girl, you are beautiful inside and out..always have been and always will!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

You are amazing Amanda - no matter the weight but I know how hard you worked to get it off! I just finished losing mine again that I gained back completely from our first go I'm so proud of you for not having to start over!

I love you girl!


p.s Happy Birthday!! Your helmet cake looks awesome..Is it gone?? lol