Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Behind the Music!!!LOL


I love music. One of my favorite bands is Unhindered . I heard them at XTREME in Gatlinburg a few days after Christmas. There GREAT!!!! I highly recommend you checking out their myspace. (Click on their name above, and it will take you there!!)

Kari Jobe

I heard someone a few months ago that I had never heard, and am now hooked on!Kari Jobe. (same deal with the myspace!) My favorite song of hers is My Beloved. It's beautiful.

I have some studying to do. Test tonight!!Please's biology....not my strongest subject. Thank for the prayers the other day for my Art test!! I made a 90! I really appreciate it. Love you all. Hope you enjoy the music.

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K. Tilley said...

Good luck on the'll do great.....remember all things are possible with God.......Love ya KK