Monday, March 17, 2008

Singing Cookies!!!

First I want to thank J for sending this to me!!! I have been looking for this for a long time on You Tube, and now I finally have it.

It's not as bad as it was at first, but when we first started First Place this is what I felt like. I'm that poor tempted woman on the couch and yes when your on First Place cookies really do sing to you!!!!!LOL!!!!

So to all my First Place women out there....keep up the good work, and watch out for the singing cookies!!!!!Love you all!!!!


judith said...

I still love the cookie. I have got to get to being a better leader don't think you would want to follow me this week.

K. Tilley said...

I love cookies.......and they love me! I need to join first place next session but it's so stinking restrictive!!!! Pray hard for me! Love ya


Carrie said...

Too cute!! I've never seen that!!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl said...

Girl, I had the best time last night. Are you still laughing at me for making fun of "you know who"??? I will not mention any names cause I might get into trouble again! hahahahaha You know we were there for almost 2 hours??? My how time flies when you are having fun. I am glad that you and C are coming back for the next round. Love you and hope you are having a wonderful (rainy) day!

The Preacher's Wife said...

I'm behind but love that you found the commercial link! :) Hilarious!

I blew it today girl...big time!


K. Tilley said...

Amanda, your gonna have to change the name of your's been 2 weeks since you posted, where are you girl?

You know I love you dearly!!!!

judith said...

I'm with K.tilley?
Too much March Madness

The Preacher's Wife said...

enough with the singing cookie...i know you have stuff to blog about after this weekend! :))))

love you!!