Friday, October 31, 2008

Fun and Tears

I mentioned earlier that life has been pretty hectic this week because of Judgement House and school. Last night I had some math to do so after work and a hot shower I got started. I went to bed around 11 something. Not the latest, but I really didn't want to get up at 5:30 to take another test before work. I usually leave the house to get to work on time at 7:45. It's not far away but I hate being late. At 7:44 this morning I was running around the house trying to get to the dryer to get my jeans with a t-shirt and panties on and a piece of turkey bacon in my hand. But I got their by eight.

Wednesday was out our first night in Judgement House. Y'all, it is so much fun! I love it. Luckily being in the heaven scene means people don't come through as quick as the others so we get a little more down time. I have met a lot of very nice people. I am really liking this church. Don't worry, it will never be Ider Baptist (I still love y'all), but it's great.

Let me tell you a little about our scene...... It starts out with the people walking through coming in and they stand in front of the gate. A sweet little girl H, runs and says " Jesus! Jesus! Their Here! Their Here!(She is so precious. It makes my heart melt!)
Jesus: "Open the gate and let my people in."
L opens the gate and the people are SUPPOSED to make a semi-circle (they don't always cooperate)
Two characters come through and say their lines (I won't go through all that.) But, Jesus goes around and says something to each person. When he finishes, this is the part that gives me chill bumps, he comes back to the front and says:"Enjoy the place I have created for you. Time cease to exist. Your eternity now begins." Tear drop. Tear drop.

If I haven't lost you, you now know a little about how it goes. Wednesday night in the middle of one of Jesus trips around the room, we hear a (excuse my poor spelling of sound effects) cacccchhhhhhh! Yeah, I'm not good at sound effects, it's a toilet. We are set up in the fellowship hall right beside the bathrooms, and someone would have had to open the door as soon as someone else flushed. It added a great touch!LOL

Our first group tonight was a group of some older people. There was this little old lady with a walker that was in that group. Everyone held their composure until Jesus (C) came around and and whispered to her, and the poor lady just squalled. I hate seeing old people cry! It's the worst! Well that made me cry of course. I could just imagine what was going through her head. One day she would be standing in front of her Savior and him telling her "Well done my good and faithful servant!"I'm crying just typing it. sniff. sniff.It has been great. I know God has a hand in it, and it will turn out to give him glory. They are taping it so when the video is made I will try to get it on here. Still one more day to go.

Well, it's 11:30. I'm pooped and going to bed. Love you all.

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