Monday, October 13, 2008

To My Aunt Pat

Aunt Pat,
This is especially for you. I know you check it everyday and I never write. Sorry.....

for everyone:
Things are going well in Lewisburg. I am enjoying it but the reason I never write is I have a pretty boring life. I get up do homework and go to bed. I did get the job at the bakery so on Thursday and Friday I am makin' cakes all day. I could tell some pretty funny stories of the cakes people have requested, but they are not always appropriate. LOL! I will try to write a little every couple days, but I can't promise for everyday. One thing I will share is how crazy my math class is. It is "Math for Elementary Teachers." I was doing an addition problem and it asked me to do the problem in Russian Peasant Method. I kid you not. If only you could have seen the look on my face. What the crap? What will they think of next to teach kids. This class is meant to teach me how to teach kids how to do math, and never in my elementary years do I remember adding the Russian Peasant Method, but I bet I will never forget.

Today me and mom went to Chattanooga and met my sister where we bought her wedding dress!!!!!!!!Yay!!! It's gorgeous!!!She is going to look BEAUTIFUL.I have a pic. of me and her in the dress but she would kill me if I showed the everyone before her reception. Special thanks to the people throwing her the shower. I will see you all then. I will be in town Friday night after work and Sat., but I wont be at church Sunday. Maybe I will see some of you around town.

Well I am out for tonight. I am multi-tasking, writing and watchin "You've Got Mail", and I want to get back into the movie. Love you all.

PS: Aunt Pat, I love you even though you called me a heiffer.LOL! Tell Kitty and Joe I love them too.


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Yay!!! You wrote a post!

FYI, your site address is NOT with no [dash]. I started reading thinking you changed the name of your blog and let's just say if she WAS you? I'd be having a come to Jesus meeting asap..LOL

I love you!

K. Tilley said...

I just seen the dress and it is beautiful!!

I am sooooo happy you posted! I, like Pat, check it EVERY DAY.

I am with you on the Math thang~~
I like Math but it does NOT like me. If I can survive this class I think I am through with Math.....forget Radiology!!!

Love ya

K. Tilley said...

I also check "The Dessert Fairy" every day!

I got a new cookbook by "Barefoot Contessa" and it's great!


Carrie said...

Hey Amanda! Good to hear from you. I check your blog daily too. Thanks for keeping everybody up to date on your life. Enjoy the gets too hectic sometimes...boring is good:)
Congrats on the bakery job. That is so you!! Made any cupcakes?

Anonymous said...

Miss you and cant wait to see you. Maybe you can bring us one of your delicious cakes. Hope everything is going good with school and the new job.

Love ya,