Friday, October 24, 2008

Last Minute Customers!

So... I got a new phone this evening. After work, I met mom at the verizon place and we got new phones. WOOOHOOO. The people working loved us so very much because we came in about ten after five and they close at five thirty! We were their favorite customers of the day, you know it!I hate to be that way, but I don't get off until five and waiting until tomorrow would just be insane!Right? The lady checking us out wasen't as overjoyed as I was too get my new phone. I can't say I would have been in the best mood either.

***This has nothing to do with phones, this is just how my scattered mind works. You would not believe the people that order cakes and forget to pick them up. They always get picked up, but sometimes not without a phone call. We close at five, and at about 4:55 today I called a lady who had an order of 2 cakes and and order of 3 dozen cookies. I couldn't get a hold of her, but I'm sure she picked them up later. I just think that's something pretty important that I don't think I would forget.....I can't say anything, give me enough time and I will do something of that sort.***

Anyway, I got a LG enV²™ in Black. Mom got the red/maroon one.

I like it. It opens to a full key pad for easy texting, but still small enough to fit in your pocket! It's smaller, slimmer, and sleeker than ever! Forget the bakery, I'm going to work for

On another note, I need a remedy for dry skin. Lotion just dosent do the trick. My hands are terribly dry. I have heard to put some kind of vassaline type lotion and then put cotton gloves on while you sleep. I haven't tried it yet but it's worth a shot. Does anybody know another solution?

Well, I am going to play around with my phone. Love you all.

- Amanda


K. Tilley said...

WoW!! I am so glad you are posting more often. Makes it seem like your not so far away!!!

Like the new phone! Did you know Hayden got his first phone last week-end? I'll have to call you and give you his new number.

As for dry's because you are washing them a hundred times while you are working. The glove thing would work but who wants to sleep in gloves? I find that putting a little baby oil on first and then topping it off with a really good lotion helps to seal it in. But you have to do this last thing before jumping in bed cause your hands are still a little stickey.

Love ya and see ya soon!

Deedra said...

As a former Verizon sales person, I would love to know where in the world you found one that closes at 5:30??? We had to close at 8! I had to re read that part about 10 times before I could go further! lol! I need to get a job at that one!

I just got the Glyde phone and I'm starting to love it. It has the full key pad too. I didn't like it at first, but I'm getting there!

Take care!

Carrie said...

Love the phone! I have to wait till July...bummer:(

Try mixing vaseline, vitamin E cream and baby lotion together. It's the best ever for dry skin.

judith said...

Did you get your Ipod figured out. Call me
Did not know you were blogging again. I had just quit coming over here.