Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wanna feel a little to a 10 year old!

Last night I was watching Aladdin on the family channel for the countdown to the 25 days of Christmas. Which in my opinion is a little stupid. It's a countdown to a countdown, but ...... Please no ridicule about watching Aladdin, I love movies like that and any type of plays.Love musicals. (One day when I have a real job I am saving for a trip to New York to see a Broadway play, but by that time gas may be $10...we'll see.) Thank you KK for taking me to see Anne at Northeast when I was younger, you started something.LOL.Anyway back to my point. While I was watching this my little brother comes in and says "what are you watching?" At the time I didn't think anything of it. I simply said Aladdin, but it hit me when he said "What's Aladdin?"

WHAT'S ALADDIN? Who doesn't know who Aladdin is? He's only 10, but I thought for sure he had seen Aladdin!!!! Mom said..."Well Manda it probably came out the year he was born." Yeah ok i give him that, but I looked it up and It came out 6 years before he was born! I know that I am in no way old, but for a moment last night i was feeling a little aged. He also has not seen the Little Mermaid, and that would be because it came out a decade before he was So if you want to feel a little old, go talk to a 10 year old.


Shaunta said...

I watched Aladdin, too. LOL It has been years since I last saw it, and I still didn't get to watch the whole thing!

And I agree with you about the countdown to the countdown. Makes no sense.

Nichele Lynn said...

So funny. I have a 9 year-old brother, who makes me feel the same way...

Cheryl said...

Tommy, Anna and me watched it this week! Ross would have but was still at school. I didn't watch the whole thing but have seen it many, many times. Hope you are doing well. Miss You!

K. Tilley said...

I am the one that's OLD! Almost 40.....that hurts to type it!!!!

One day girl, we are going to the big city!!!

Love ya