Monday, November 17, 2008

I'd make a great rich woman!

Today me and mom went to Columbia so she could find something to wear for Cina's reception. I found something to wear Saturday. So, I technically didn't have to go but I wanted to shop too. DUH!!! I have come to the conclusion that I would be an awesome rich woman!!! I LOVE to shop! I am always looking for a deal, and if you know me well enough you know I'm not buying it unless it's on sale. This, being time for Christmas shopping, is not the time to be buying for yourself, but I did it anyway. I got two pair of shoes for $22. Of course they will probably kill my feet, but they were on I can't make myself pay $60 for one pair of shoes that I can only wear with a few things. So thanks to some tape, my nightstand, and a white pillow case...Here they are.......

I call these my "wanna be a rockstar" shoes!

These are my houndstooth flats! Roll Tide! (Had to throw that in)

Here is my dress for the wedding.

I take that back, it's not exact, but very similar. I didn't want black for a wedding, but it was either that or bright bright red, and I didn't want to shine.
I was going to put my shoes on here, but my computers being funny. Have a great day. Love you all.


K. Tilley said...

"Want to be a rock star shoes" Girl you are cracking me up!!!

Love the dress, it will look beautiful on you and I like black better than red.

Hounds tooth is so coming back in style but if I buy anything Hounds tooth I'll still be yelling "War Eagle"!!!!! Hey, can you belive they almost beat Ga?

Love ya and can't wait to see ya

Nichele Lynn said...

Ohmygoodness! I LOVE that dress! Cant wait to see pics. I, too, would make one great rich woman. If only I was rich...haha

Britt said...

Even though the second pair of shoes are houndstooth, they are so cute and I might even wear them! hehe I love your dress for Cina's wedding- I know you will be gorgeous! Can't wait to see my AU cake over Thanksgiving break. Yeah!

Carrie said...

Love the shoes and dress! I love bargain shopping too!!