Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Leg Pains and Cakes

I was reading blogs and remembered "hey, it's been a while writing on my own!" So... First I would like to tell a quick version of what happen yesterday. Mom and Eric were gone to Ider this weekend to help Cina paint and trying to get the house in organized order before they get married. Anyway, they got back yesterday and called me to come help them unload some extra furniture from Cina's at Eric's moms. I was walking around the outside of the trailer, not really paying attention to where I was stepping and BAM!!!! I hit my shin on the light sticking out on the side. Dadgum !!!!!(is that a word?) I used to say that a paper cut was the worst pain, but I take that back. It's a tap to the shin by a light on a trailer that by the way doesn't even work. I have heard Judith say that If you can't say it in the pulpit, don't say it on your blog. Well, the next part is not appropriate for the pulpit, but I apologize to anyone in the neighborhood who heard the dirty word that leaked out of my mouth. I made it out ok, just a bruise and knot. I feels much better this morning, not so much of a throb.

I have a few cakes coming up in the next couple of weeks. Can't wait to share. Britt's Auburn cake is the week of Thanksgiving, so I will put pictures up. I know, It's Auburn, but that's what she wanted!!!!Bless her heart!!!LOL. I am actually really excited. I have never done anything quite like this before.

Oh...I almost forgot! There is a lady a few towns over that is selling all of her cake pans!!!!WOOHOO!! She is selling them for $5!!!! And candy molds for 50 cents!!!I can't wait. I am going to her house to look at them today at 2. Most of them are character pans like....trucks, hearts. cartoon character...stuff like that. You never know when someone might want a cartoon cake!! Well, I have been up forever and haven't eaten. My stomach is needing some attention. Have a great day.

Love you all!

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Nichele Lynn said...

How did the cake pan shopping go?