Sunday, December 14, 2008

Do it for Lottie!

Tonight at church was the auction. People bring handmade things or food, pretty much whatever....anyway, the money raised at the auction goes to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering!It was so much fun!We laughed until we cried. I don't know how much money was raised right now. It was a lot though. I'll update you when I find out. One man in the church made these wooden Alabama and Tennessee things that you hang your keys on. Like I need it, but it's for Lottie....come on! They tried selling the two together, but what fan in their right mind would buy one with the other.I don't remember what the bid started at, but before it was over I had bought an Alabama Key Holder for $21! M, the choir director was the auctioneers helper, and was helping everyone along in thier bidding. I don't know who I was bidding against but dadgumit I won!!WOOHOO! ROLL TIDE! And might I add, the Alabama one went for more that the Tennessee one!!!!!LOL!! The pastors wife's dad was in town today and was sitting across the table from me and mom while we were eating. He was so sweet. He's a big Bama fan and after I won he gave me the money to buy it. He wouldn't take the money back and he wouldn't take the key holder.(There's got to be a more specific name for this.?.?.?. Key holder?) He was very sweet.

We had refreshments before and I made cupcakes. Have to share some pics! The snowflake is white chocolate with blue sprinkles. (stole that idea from my boss)

Have a great day!Love you all!


Britt said...

Manda, you are amazing! Can I go ahead and book you for my wedding? (5 years from now!!!) Seriously.... your talents amaze me!

judith said...

Great idea for Lottie, maybe we should try that next year. Oh, we went to church with B. on Sunday and her churches LM Christmas offering goal is $105,000, yes that is correct. WOW, they already have $41,000 and we are trying to raise $1500. Come on people get off those pocket books.