Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Bryan!

My Uncle's Birthday is the 13th, so happy early birthday to him. I knew I would not be home on his birthday so I brought his cake in to give it to him this week. He has always loved the Boston Celtics. Back when Larry Bird played so it's been a while, but he still like them.

My mom's birthday was the first. She just wanted something simple with some roses.....

I am still in Alabama doing some things to wrap up this school semester. I'm ready to be out for Christmas.I hope you all have a great day, and a Merry Christmas if I don't get around to tell you later. Love you all!


K. Tilley said...

Are you sure teaching is what you need to do for the rest of your life? I think you could open up your own bakery and make millions!!! Those cakes are ya

judith said...

Great job, you are doing so good. Loved getting to spend a few minutes with you the other day.