Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Old Coffee!

Ok. so I can only write a very little bit because it has been one CRAZY week with school and I've got some work to do before I go back to TN. On a kinda gross wierd note.......I have been drinking old coffe for like 2 days!Unknowing, but it is now in my system. I was pouring a cup this morning and it was cold so I just figured the pot had been turned off and I got there too late, so I warm it up in the microwave. I'm ok with that.....Well Tonja walks in and says " Oh, did you make coffee?"..."No, did you?" "No, I haven't made any in 2 days!" MMMMM. freshest stuff i've ever had!!!!! Got to do some homework. Love you all. Have a great day!!!


TheiaC said...

Hi! I just cruised in from Deedra's blog! Don't worry about drinking old coffee! I do it all the time...if nothing's floating in it, you're fine!!! Yuk! Cute blog, by the way!

Carrie said...

Waste not, want not! I've tried to get Hubby to drink day old coffe and he refuses....maybe you can sell the idea to him;-) lol!!

Britt said...

oh least you didn't get home after thanksgiving break and find a coffee pot with molded coffee grounds in it. YUCK! Big J has really got to learn to clean up after himself! hehe