Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I don't have a title.

I went to school today to talk to someone about how my transfering was going to work out and Lucky 14 hours from Northeast does not transfer. That's like a whole semester. Some things she said they might let me sub for, but not sure. CRAP!!!I hate that. That's just more time I have to spend at school, but I'm trying to be positive, but part of me wants to cry! I was going to register today, but I am going to have to sit down and talk with my boss. I'm not sure that I can go with out having to go some Thursdays which is one of the two day I work. Not that my boss would not be flexable with my schedule, it's just that if I don't work, I don't get paid!I am getting stressed and ready to be out of school. I know I shouldn't wish my life away, but If I could fast foward to about 24 that would be ok with me.

On the up side....I got a new CD!!!I love music. A little backgroud information....I really wanted to go to Toby Mac's Winter Wonder Slam in Nashville this friday, but I am coming to Ider because sisters reception is Sat. Then its going to be in Huntsville Saturday night, but that is the day of the reception and that night is the SEC Championship!!!ROLL TIDE!!! Anyway I found this band, Family Force 5 through Toby Mac (yeah we're pretty tight!LOL) because they are going to be at Winter Wonder Slam. They are described as Crunk Punk. They are a mixture of 80's,a little techno in my opinon,and they have a unique sense of humor. Most of you prob. will not like this. Like I can prob. name you.....It's not praise and worship. It's Party music!


Nichele Lynn said...

The SAME thing happened to me with school!! I hated it, felt like I had wasted SO much time (and money)!!!

Shaunta said...

Bless your heart! I would just have to let the tears roll. There is no way I could hold that in!

I had never heard of Family Force 5 until Jacob (Crouton I think is what he goes by) married Bethany Dick. She's a champion bluegrass fiddle player. He's, uh, Family Force 5. LOL They certainly seem like the odd couple!